About Weatherful Wood

Caleb here! It will come as no surprise to most that Weatherful Wood began with Tiffany thinking she could do anything as long as she read the right article or watched the right video. Tiffany took on the task of building a large fence in her parents' back yard. It was a way of saying, "Thank you," to them for allowing us to live with them for the past 6 months while we were saving for a down payment on a house. I can still remember Tiffany saying, “I’m not going to do it unless it looks like a professional did it.”

Needless to say, it did not take me (Tiffany) long to realize I would need Caleb’s help to achieve that professional look. (It was actually about 10 minutes after I rented the Auger from Home Depot that I REALLY realized I needed his help). With his help, the fence was finished and it looked beautiful.

We had several 1x4 boards left over from the fence and my mom challenged me to make something with them instead of throwing them away. She is obsessed with essential oils so I decided to make her a piece to store them
and we were all kind of surprised by the results. I was also surprised by how relaxing it was to spend my evening building outside instead of on social media or watching tv. Not long after I built the oil holder, a friend of mine that is involved in a ministry posted about vendors being needed for a ministry night in December. It was still late October but Caleb and I decided to pursue it. If anything, we would have things left over to use as Christmas presents.

During this time we were getting ready to move out of my parent's house. We had a house that had been under contract for almost two months. The Friday before we were set to close on Monday, we received an email that our down payment was going to be $2,000 more than what we had anticipated...

This was a tough blow. On Monday, November 14, 2016, we had our own home and only $40 in our bank account. 

When you only have $40 in your bank account and know that you can make and sell a sign for $40, you get to work. On Small Business Saturday a few weeks later we officially launched Weatherful Wood LLC and we got to work. 

God has immensely blessed this business since that day. We are almost one year old and have found so much joy in hand making custom signs for people. Tiffany's favorite thing about Weatherful Wood is creating items that people can't get anywhere else. "I love putting someones favorite quote, verse, or inspiration on a sign so they can hang it up and always be reminded and motivated." Caleb's favorite thing about Weatherful Wood is being challenged to learn how to make new things. "This business really pushes me to grow personally and professionally. I can now build things I never would have dreamed of making."

We know not everyone will understand, but we truly view this business as a ministry. Our vision for Weatherful Wood LLC is to first establish a healthy and sustainable business model. Then we want to start teaching and enabling sex trafficking victims to be a part of this business model. Victims often do not see an alternative to the life they are living. We want to give them one. Once we are able to establish this new model we would like to open a store front called "Reclaimed." We often work with reclaimed wood and create beautiful items out of things that were once discarded. At Reclaimed we will sell Weatherful Wood items, other merchandise with a similar vision, we will offer counseling, and it will also have an exercise studio. We do not believe that sex trafficking victims are the only ones who need a safe and healthy environment to reclaim the promises of God. We want Reclaimed to be a safe place for everyone seeking to further the calling of God on their lives. Including those who are victims of domestic abuse, substance abuse, verbal abuse, and those who have a history of abusing themselves with food. 


Every purchase you make from Weatherful Wood helps us get one step closer towards these goals.